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Requesting a quote

To request a free quote, contact us by email, fax or telephone. In order to give you an estimate, we need to review the document which is to be translated. It is important to clarify all specific instructions such as deadlines, terminology guidelines, formatting requirements, etc. We will send you a quote as quickly as possible. When possible, it is always preferable to have an electronic copy of the source document. This allows for a more accurate word count for the estimate and reduces the amount of formatting time required to complete the translation.


We generally charge by the word, unless we reach an agreement otherwise. The rate varies according to the degree of complexity of the source material, the deadline, as well as other factors such as any formatting or DTP required. The word count will be that of the target language, or the language into which the product is being translated. Spanish to English translation generally results in a decrease in the range of 10% whereas English to Spanish translation will result in an increase of around 20%. This will vary depending on the subject matter. For technical English into Spanish the increase is greatest, whereas legal text translated from English to Spanish will show a smaller increase. Our word count will be that generated by Microsoft Word or any other applicable software.


Ahora means now in Spanish. We chose our name to reflect that we understand that time is money. Our clients demand punctuality as well as precision and we take our deadlines very seriously. That said, don't wait until the last moment to get the job to the translators. When planning a project that will require translation consider the following factors as a guide to determine how much time to allow for translation.

  • An average translator can translate up to 3000 words or some 10 pages (250 - 300 words per page) a day. That count can vary up or down another 1500 words or so depending on the subject matter, formatting considerations, etc.
  • To meet a tight deadline, a document may need to be divided up among various translators. That in turn means it will require additional editing for consistency. To the degree a larger number of translators are involved, further editing is required.
  • Longer lead times allow for a better quality product. Let us know what your needs are. We pride ourselves on speed as well as accuracy and we will give you an honest response as to whether the deadline can be met. Visit our FAQ page for tips on how to get a better translation.

Payment Terms

We require a signed purchase order or contract in order to begin the work. Payment options include cash, electronic payment, or personal or company check drawn on a US bank.

For larger jobs a 50% deposit may be required for first time customers and those contracting our translation services from outside the United States. Larger jobs may also require that progress payments be stipulated in the translation contract.

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