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Ahora Translations L.L.P., regularly consults publically available glossaries and dictionaries available on the Internet reflecting regional various usages in order to provide a better product to our clients. These glossaries may be specific to a particular field, country, or company, thus providing us a variety of options for our translation purposes.

Below is a list of some of our ever-expanding glossaries that we consult in order to provide you with accurate translations.

Law Dictionary, Bouvier, 1856 Edition
Diccionario de Regionalismos de la Lengua Española
Ethnobotanical Dictionary, Costa Rica
Diccionario de Istmología
Computer Dictionary, Friedman

Abbreviations - multi-phase extraction, USACE glossary
Abbreviations & Acronyms
Abbreviations and Acronyms, US Government
Abbreviations and letter symbols, electrical
Abbreviations for ISDN and Data Communications
Abreviaturas, Argentina
Accident Investigation and Reporting, OSHA
Accounting & financial glossary, Roughneck's
Accounting Financial Glossary, VentureLine
Acronyms and Abbreviations, API
Acronyms, Common
Acronyms, USIGS
Administración Pública Federal, glosario de términos más usuales, México
Adquisiciones, glosario del BID
Aeronautics Dictionary, Latin American Aeronautical Association
Aerospace Dictionary, NASA
Agent & Broker Licensing Terminology, Glossary of
Agricultura, Glosario de
Agricultural and Food Policy Terms, WB Glossary
Agriculture - A Glossary of Terms, Programs, and Laws
Agriculture, Mediterranean; E, Sp, Fr, It
Air Brake Glossary
Air Cargo Glossary
Air flow and pressure terms measurement glossary, Airflow Developments
Aircraft Safety glossary, National Academy of Engineering
Aluminum Smelter Terms, Glossary of
AMOCO Colombia glossary
Animal groups, names
Arquitectura, Diccionario inglés-castellano, Argentina
Artísticos, diccionario básico de términos
Asociaciones civiles, siglas
ATT glossary
Auditing glossary A-P
Auto electronics glossary, Siemens
Automotive Terms
Automotive Terms Dictionary
Baloncesto, glosario español
Banca, glosario
Banco de México, glosario
Banking dictionary, UBS (English, French, German, Italian)
Banking terms, E, Sp, Fr
Basic Computer Spanglish Pitfalls
Battery glossary
Beach fills, USACE glossary
Bechtel Glossary
Bienes raices, glosario, España
Blasting and the Use of Explosives, OSHA 1926_0914
Book Terms
Book Terms, Barnes & Noble
BP Colombia Glossary
Building and apartment terminology, NYC
Building Regulations, BOCA Definitions
Building Terms and Definitions, NYC
Bursting discs and other rupture devices
Business, tax, financial and real estate glossary
Cable Glossary
Cable, Wireless Terms
Cableado, glosario en español
Cabling Terms, Glossary of
Casting Terms Glossary, KerrLab
Cement or concrete glossary
Cemento, glosario de CEMEX
Census Bureau acronym glossary
Census Bureau glossary
Census Bureau, Current Population Survey - Definitions and Explanations
Census Bureau, Decennial Management Division Glossary
Census Glossary, US govt
Ceramic terminology glossary
Chartering Terms & Definitions
Chemical glossary, E-S
Chemical grouting, USACE glossary
Chromatographic terms
Climate, UN treaty; E-S
Climbing dictionary, En, Sp, Fr, Gr, It, Sv, etc
Clothing Glossary, English-Spanish
Coastal Engineering Terms, Glossary of
Coastal Geology
Coastal littoral transport, USACE glossary
Coastal Revetments, Seawalls and Bulkheads, symbols, units, terms, USACE
Coastal Shore Protection, USACE glossary
Coiled Tubing Applications Glossary
Comercio, glosario salvadoreño
Communications technical terms
Communications Terms, Ericsson glossary
Communications Terms, Lucent Technologies glossary
Computación, electrónica y telecomunicaciones, glosario
Computadoras, glosario de la Comisión Nacional para la conversión informática Año 2000
Computer Abbreviations and Acronyms
Computer acronyms
Computer Dictionary
Computer Engineering--Processors, Terms and Definitions
Computer Oriented Abbreviations and Acronyms
Computer Technical glossary, ADAPTEC
Computerized system and software glossary
Computers, LAN glossary, USACE
Computing, Free On-line Dictionary
Concrete glossary
Concrete Hydraulic Structures, Response Spectra and Seismic Analysis, USACE glossary
Conductor cable glossary
Constitución de la R. Argentina
Construcción e instalación, normas en México
Construcción, México Catálogo de Giros E-Inglés
Construction glossary
Construction Glossary-California
Construction Management Terms
Construction Terms
Construction terms E-S
Construction, home remodeling glossary
Contabilidad y presupuestos, glosario iberoamericano
Contaminación marina y medio ambiente acuático 2
Contaminación marina y medio ambiente acuático, glosario
Contractor's Glossary, government
Contratación de fletes marítimos – glosario
Contratos, Términos-E-S
Control de Procesos, Términos Técnicos, Glosario
Control Systems, UK Glossary
Copyright glossary, Canada
Copyright glossary, University of Arizona
Corrosion Related Terms, Glossary of
Courier Industry Terms Dictionary
Court, Small Claims - Glossary
Court,Federal Glossary
Cranes standard and definitions, ASME
Cranes standard and definitions, ASME
Customs glossary, E-S-F
Customs Terms Dictionary, Canada
Customs, E-Sp-Fr
Dairy, technical glossary E-S, Babcock
Data Base, PDS Glossary
Death and Funeral Glossary
Deformation monitoring and control surveying, USACE glossary
Derivitives dictionary, E, Numa Co.
Desastres, glosario colombiano
Desktop Publisher's Glossary
Diesel Engine Glossary
Disability Insurance glossary
Disability, work - glossary
Diving glossary - UC Santa Barbara
Diving Medical Terms, glossary
Doors, illustrated glosssary
Dredged material, USACE glossary
Drilling Industry, UT definitions
Drive Train Glossary
Earth & Rock-Fill Dams, USACE terms
Ecología, Definiciones del Instituto Nacional de México
Ecología, INE-Mex, guía, glosario
Económicas y Sociales, Glosario de CRIES, México
Educación a distancia, glosario
Electric Glossary
Electric glossary2
Electric Industry Terms and Phrases, Kansas electric Cooperative
Electric Motor Terms - Reliance, Glossary
Electric power supply and distribution, USACE glossary
Electric transmission glossary
Electrical definitions, OSHA
Electrical Design, Cathodic Protection; USACE glossary
Electrical Products, Siemens Pictoral Glossary
Electrical Systems Glossary
Eléctricas, instalaciones- definiciones, NOM
Electricity Glossary, Pinnacle Energy
Electricity glossary, Power Marketing Association
Electricity Terms Glossary, DOE
Eléctrico, glosario legal venezolano
Eléctrico, ley, glosario, Ecuador
Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM - Glossary
Electronic Wire and Cable glossary, Lucent
Electrónica, Sp-Eng-Catalán
Electronics glossary
Electrotécnico—vocabulario de radiocomunicación, electroacústica, Es-Fr-Eng, NOM
Elevators and Escalators, ASME Safety Handbook definitions
Embarques, glosario argentino
Emergencias médicas, frases en diferentes idiomas
Energía, Glosario de APC
Energy glossary, State of California
Energy Terms, U.S. Dept. of Energy, Glossary of
Engineering definitions
Environment, EPA Terms
Environmental Economics Glossary
Environmental Engineering and Local Flood Control Channels, USACE glossary
Environmental Engineering, Modeling and Simulation glossary
Environmental glossary, Soil Science Society of America
Environmental Policy Act, glossary
EPA glossary
EPA waste glossary
Equipment list, Cantarell E-S
Estaciones de servicio, glosario de Pemex
Estratigrafía secuencial, índice alfabético de términos
Estratigráfico, glosario
Evaluation and Repair of Concrete Structures, USACE glossary
Excavations definitions, OSHA 1926_0650
Factoring, factoraje, factorización
Failure Analysis Glossary
Fall Protection definitions, OSHA 1926_0500
Filogenética, Glosario de sistemática
Finance glossary
Finance glossary, Bechtel
Financial wire glossary, Brazil
Financiero, diccionario
Financieros indicadores, Es-Ing, Banco de la República, Colombia
Fire Protection Systems, USACE glossary
Fish encyclopedia
Fish terminology
Fisheries definitions
Fixed-Fenceline Sample Collection and Monitoring Systems, USACE glossary
Foreign Trade OAS glossary
Forest Ecology Glossary, Soil Science Society of America
Forestry Glossary
Foundry glossary
Frases de Uso Frecuente - E-S
Fuego-Terminologia Seguridad- Tecnologia, NOM 312_1105
Gasoline Engine Glossary
Genética, Ingeniería
Geochemical Glossary
Geodésicos, definiciones de estándares, Argentina
Geográfico, glosario español
Geographic Information System, Environmental Systems Research Institute
Geographic information systems, cartography, and remote sensing, abbreviations and acronyms, Dictionary of
Geophysical exploration, USACE glossary
Glossary-Jose Joaquin Baeza Velueta
GPS Terms
Gramática castellana
Gravity dam design, USACE glossary
Groundwater hydrology, USACE glossary
Groups of things
Hazardous & Toxic Waste, USACE glossary
Hazardous, Toxic, and Radioactive Waste, Chemical Quality Assurance, USACE glossary
Hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste, USACE glossary
Health professionals glossary
Health professionals' glossary
Hoisting and Rigging definitions, DoE
Home Buyer's Vocabulary – legal
Home Construction Glossary
Horse Dictionary
House-Building Terms, Glossary of
Housing Terms
Housing terms glossary
HVAC Control Systems, USACE glossary
Hydrocarbon resources glossary
Hydrographic surveying, USACE glossary
Hydrologic analysis of interior areas, USACE glossary
Hydrologic frequency analysis, USACE glossary
Hydropower, USACE glossary
Ice engineering, USACE glossary
Iluminación, Glosario de México, CONAE
Incendios forrestales, glosario en español
Inco Terms, E-S, Argentina
Incoterm, Insurance Terms
Indicadores de Desarrollo Social, glosario
Indicadores de Desarrollo Social, glosario
Informática-Internet, glosario en español
Ingeniería petrolera, glosario mexicano
INS Glossary, Sp-Eng
Instituto Mexicano del Petróleo, glosario
Instrumentation and Control Terminology, Australian
Instrumentation and data acquisition terms glossary
Insulator Terms Glossary
International Trade Glossary
International transportation society-glossary
Internet terms glossary, NorthWest Direct
Internet Trilingual Glossary – English-French-Spanish
Internet, diccionario
Internet, Diccionario E-S
Internet, Glosario de Términos y Recursos
Internet, glosario por Rafael Fernández Calvo
Inundaciones, glosario en español
Iron castings glossary
IRS glossary
IRS glossary, E-S
Joist and structural glossary
Judiciary Manual, Glossary, Trabing
Kitchen terms, E-S
Labor-management relations terms glossary
Latinismos y Locuciones Latinas de la Secretaria de Energía – México
Leche, glosario
Legal Terms Glossary, Court TV
Legislativo, glosario del Estado de Sinaloa
Lighting, EPA glossary
Locomotive glossary
Logging terms glossary
Logging, Forest Engineering and Associated Forestry Terms
Logistics and vehicle management glossary
Logistics Glossary
Lumber terms, Ger,Eng,Fr,Sp,It
Lunfardo, glosario de Argentina
Maintenance Terminology
Maíz, glosario de términos
Mapping and projections glossary, ERDAS, E
Mapping definitions and descriptions, USIGS
Máquinas herramientas, México
Marinos, términos A-G
Marinos, términos, España
Maritime abbreviations
Maritime chartering terms & abbreviations
Maritime glossary
Maritime Law and Admiralty Law Glossary
Maritime laws and regulations list
Maritime Shipping & Insurance Glossary, E-S, Argentina
Maritime shipping terms
Marítimo - Siglas y Abreviaturas
Marítimo Portuarios, Diccionario de Términos, SCT, Coordinación General de Puertos y Marina Mercante 1996, México
Marítimo, Diccionario - E-S
Marítimo, glosario de la SCT, México
Marítimo, glosario de Vademecum Remer
Medicamentos para el SIDA, glosario
Metadata glossary
Metal casting glossary
Metal glossary
Meteorología, Vademecum Remer
Meteorológico, glosario
Meteorológico, Glosario de Términos Utilizados en la Página del Centro de CFE
Meteorológico, glosario en español
Meteorology Terms, Glossary of
Microsoft 98 Eng-Sp terms
Military abbreviations glossary
Military glossary E-S, FBIS
Military glossary E-S, SOA
Military, Jane's Glossary
Minera, glosario mexicano
Mining Terms, Canadian glossary
Mortgage Homeowners Dictionary
Motor terminology, Reliance Electric
MSDS Glossary
MSDS terms, glossary of
Multimedia Glossary
Multimedia Technical Glossary
NASA-KSC acronym list
Nautical Terms, Glossary
Nautical Terms, Norwegian ship owners? assn.
Nautical Words and Terminology
Naval, Glosario - Armada de Chile
Naval, glosario Español-Inglés de la Real Liga Naval Española
Naval, temario de principios de ingeniería
NAVSTAR Global Positioning System Surveying, USACE glossary
Networking Terms
New Product Development, PDMA Glossary
Nicaraguense, Dicionario
Nuclear Quality Control Glossary
Nuclear, glosario en español
Nutrición y Alimentación, glosario de la industria lechera
Nutrition glossary, Sp-Eng
Nuts & Bolts
Obligation, definition
Ocean Freight Glossary
Ocean Science Acronyms
Office 97
Oil and gas leasing and exploration glossary
Oil and Natural Gas Production API glossary
Oil Pipeline Transport Glossary
Oil Rig Glossary
Oil Sands Glossary
Oil Spill, Geographic, Environmental- E-S Glossary
Oil Tanker Definitions
Oil&Gas Glossary
OSHA glossary
Ozone Glossary
Packaging & Case glossary
Paint and coatings, Spectra glossary
Painting acronyms, USACE
Painting Terms, Glossary of
Paints and protective coatings, USACE glossary
Países y monedas
Palabrotas, Alternative Spanish Dictionary
Patent glossary
Personal - clasificación, definiciones, ascensos, períodos de prueba-España
Personnel Management, Glossary, U. S. Office
Pesca, glosario
Petróleo - Shell Argentina
Petróleo, Refinación de, Glosario mexicano
Petrolero, glosario
Petroleum Drilling Glossary – SPE
Petroleum glossary-Elf
Petroleum Industry Dictionary
Petroleum Measurement Standards, Vocabulary, API Manual
Petroleum refining glossary, OSHA
Petroleum Terminology Glossary
Petroleum, Phillips Glossary
Petroleum, Shell Glossary, E, S
Photogrammetric mapping, USACE glossary
Phrases for letters Eng-Sp
Pipe trenching, Glossary of OSHA definitions
Pipeline dictionary
Pipeworks software program, glossary
Piping and Mechanical, Bechtel Glossary
Pollution Control Agency Glossary, Minnesota
Power Conversion Terminology
Power Energy, E-S Glossary, APC
Power Engineering Dictionary, English
Power supply terminology
Power Systems Protection, USACE glossary
Power Transmission and Distribution, OSHA 1926_0960
Práctica educativa, México, explicación
Precision Farming, Glossary of Terms
Prepress Industry, glossary
Primavera software glossary, English
Primeros auxilios, glosario en español
Procurement System, Guía Rápida ESP_ING
Procurement Terminology
Project management glossary
Project Management Terms
Puentes, Glosario S-E
Pumping Stations, USACE glossary
Radiation protection, USACE glossary
Radio terms, glossary
Radioactive Waste and Mixed Waste Site Remediation, USACE glossary
Radioactive waste and mixed waste treatment and handling, USACE glossary
Radiocomunicaciones, glosario en español
Radon study, EPA glossary
Railcar - English to Spanish Dictionary
Railroad - Spanish to English Dictionary
Railroad, 446 Definitions
Railroad, high and wide clearances glossary
Railroad-Related Terms glossary
Real-estate dictionary
Real-estate glossary
Real-estate glossary 2
Recycling terms
Redes de área local, LAN,– definiciones
Reforma de la Unión Europea, glosario
Reinsurance Glossary, RAA
Reinsurance terms
Reservoir Water Quality Analyses, USACE glossary
Retaining and Flood Walls, USACE glossary
Rigging, theater - glossary
Risk Analysis Glossary, Society for Risk Analysis
Risk Assessment, EPA Glossary
Risk assessment, USACE glossary
Risk assessment, USACE acronyms
Risk assessment, wastes, DOE glossary
River hydraulics, USACE glossary
Roofing definitions and diagrams
Roofing glossary and references
Roofing Glossary, Crowther Co.
Roofing Glossary, Cudahy Co.
Roofing glossary, Johns Manville
Roofing Glossary, Roofhelp
Roofing Terminology
Runoff from snowmelt, USACE glossary
Safety glossary
Sampling and Analysis Plans, USACE glossary
San Francisco Glossary (Cantarell)
Sanitation glossary, California Association of Sanitation Agencies
Scaffolds definitions, OSHA 1926_0450
Scanning glossary, Hewlet Packard
Sea-Terms, Dictionary 1863-1870
Securities and Stocks English Glossary
Seguridad, salud y medio ambiente - Pemex
Ship abbreviations
Ship, Sailing, definitions illustrated
Ship-building terms
Shipping glossary
Shipping Terms
Shipping, Federal Express glossary, E
SIDA, glosario de términos
Siderúrgico, Diccionario
Siderúrgico, Glosario
Siderúrgicos, glosario de términos
Siglas Mexicanas, Glosario
Siglas y Abreviaturas, Argentina
Sismológico, glosario en español
Social Security Glossary E-S, SSA
Social Security Terminology, E-S Glossary
Software engineering, STING glossary
Soil terms glossary, Soil Science Society of America
Solid waste management, USACE glossary
Special Education Glossary
Stairways and Ladders, OSHA 1926_1050
Static structures (buildings) definitions
Steel Industry glossary
Steel, E,Sp,Fr, etc
Stock Market Terms
Stone Industry glossary
Storm Surge, USACE glossary
Supply, Canadian English-French glossary
Surveying, gravity and magnetic Glossary
Switching Glossary
Tank Trailer and Tank Container Glossary
Telecom glossary
Telecomm glossary, Lucent
Telecommunications Glossary of Technical Terms
Telecomunicaciones y redes, glosario de México
Telecomunicaciones, Glosario de Revista Redes, México
Telecomunicaciones, Glosario de Términos Técnicos
Teleprocesamiento y redes, glosario
Television glossary
Terminología del Mercado de Futuros y Opciones
Términos Jurídicos, Glosario de la Secretaria de Energía – México
Tidal glossary
Tide and Current Glossary
Tide Glossary, New Zealand
Tierra y medio ambiente, glosario
Timber Harvesting and Forest Engineering glossary
Tire terminology
Títulos universitarios de México - Español- English
Tool balancer glossary
Topographic surveying acronyms, USACE glossary
Torres de enfriamiento, glosario de México, CONAE
Trailer Glossary
Transportation Systems glossary, Intelligent
Transporte, glosario argentino
Tributario, Glosario de la Superintendencia Nacional de Administración Tributaria, Perú
Truck Terms, Glossary
UN Classification Terms Glossary
Underground Construction, Caissons, Cofferdams, and Compressed Air, OSHA 1926_0804
Union Terms, Teamsters glossary
Uruguay, 1000 palabras de
Validation of Analytical Chemistry Laboratories, acronyms USACE
Valve, Gate - Definitions
Vcomms (Telecomunicaciones)
Vialidad, Definiciones del reglamento del estado de Yucatán
Waste management
Wastewater systems, USACE glossary
Water management glossary, Bureau of Reclamation
Water Quality and Waste Management Glossary
Water Quality Association Glossary
Water Reagent terms
Water, dams, Bureau of Reclamation Glossary
Waterproofing Terminology
Watersheds Glossary
Wave Climate Glossary, New South Wales
Weather Glossary
Welding Glossary
Welding Glossary, ANSI-AWS
Welding Imperfections, API Glossary, English-Spanish
Welding on the WEB
Well Logging Terms
Wind energy conversion systems, glossary
Window & door glossary
Wire Rope, USACE glossary
Woods of the World glossary
Y2K Glossary
Y2K y Problema EOW
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