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Ahora Translations means accurate translations. As an important part of our professional approach we have developed an overall glossary with over 10,000 terms and it is growing day by day. This glossary provides guidance to our translators on questions of terminology that they are unlikely to find in dictionaries or for terms that may be translated differently depending on the country or discipline. You will also note that where possible we have provided explanations and definitions both from dictionionaries, and reference and technical sources, in addition to our own sources, to assist the translators in arriving at the most informed and accurate translations.

Our tailored glossaries reflect the hands-on knowledge that can only be acquired through years of experience. We have selected a few terms to give you an idea as to our approach.

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advertising injury (Loss due to false or misleading advertising. 1. means injury rising out of an offense committed in the course of your advertising activities, if such injury rises out of libel, slander, defamation, violation of right of privacy, piracy, unfair competition or infringement of copyright, title or slogan.) 2. means injury arising out of one or more of the following offenses: a. Oral or written publication of material that slanders or libels a person or organization or disparages a person's or organization's goods, products or services; b. Oral or written publication of material that violates a person's right of privacy; c. Misappropriation of advertising ideas or style of doing business; or d. Infringement of copyright, title or slogan.) daños y perjuicios por publicidad, propaganda, o declaraciones lesivas
affiliate to (e.g. Social Security) / sign up afiliar a (SS, México) / vincular a (Colombia) / inscribir
anchor pattern (arrangement of anchors and mooring lines) / set up (also used to refer to "anchor pattern," which is the preferred term.) arreglo de anclaje
author's rights / copyright derecho de autor (Es necesario tener cuidado al traducir este término al inglés porque el término copyright y el derecho de autor no abarcan los mismos derechos. Los derechos de autor en casi todo el mundo salvo Estados Unidos incluyen los derechos morales y derechos vecinos.)
bid (An offer made in writing by one party to another (usually to a public body) to execute, at an exclusive price or uniform rate, an order for the supply or purchase of goods, or for the execution of work, the details of which have been submitted, often through the public press, by the second party. The company / government body either invites bidders to participate in a limited invitation to bid/tender (concurso) where bidders are invited to submit a bid / quote / tender / offer / proposal in response to an RFQ (request for quotation) or a public bid is opened up for bid / quote / tender / offer / proposal where bidders purchase the Bid Conditions and then submit an offer / bid / quote / proposal) licitación / proposición (México) (La compañía / entidad estatal o gubernamental convoca la licitación como el Convocante o Licitador, invitando a los licitantes, con una invitación a cotizar en la convocatoria (si es por invitación), para participar en el concurso. También se puede convocar a una licitación pública. Los licitantes compran las Bases de la Licitación y entregan sus proposiciones (según la ley mexicana) conformadas por las propuestas técnica y económica. Éstos son conocidos también como ofertas. En el caso de la oferta económica es conocida también como una cotización. Los que presentan una proposición a la licitación se conocen como Licitantes, Proponentes u Ofertantes.
blast profile / anchor pattern (of blasting particles on surface- for coating/painting purposes. The anchor pattern refers to the indentation pattern formed by the blasting particles to which the coating or paint will adhere or anchor.) perfil de impacto del chorro / patrón de adhesión
Board of Labor Relations Liability Adjudication / Jury of Responsibilities (Mexico, Responsible for investigating and sanctioning employers or employees for inefficiency or wrongdoing.) Jurado de Responsabilidades (México, de la junta federal de conciliación y arbitraje. Ley Federal del Trabajo, Artículo 674, "Las sanciones a los representantes de los trabajadores y de los patrones se impondrán por el jurado de responsabilidades de los representantes")
box point (A multiple data channel address. This is a field that defines the location of the physical address of the Data Highway Port [in which this data point resides] on the emulated Data Highway. For an EPLCG, this parameter defines the address within the emulated DHP where the data point resides. For an input data point or composite data point, the input box number defines the location of the input portion of the data point.) dirección de puntos de canales múltiples de datos (box point summary)
commissioning ("Activities required before chemicals or process fluids are introduced into the system. Startup will follow, but it will be a distinctly different operation and will only proceed after commissioning has been successfully completed. Initial commissioning is the step between installation and preliminary functional interconnections, checkouts, loop checks, system checks, cleanup and the next stage--Startup"--Instrument Society of America "Act of operating, testing and adjusting a system or unit for first time to ensure that it functions according to the specified performance. Functional tests will include the extremes of the required specification. Process during which plant components and systems, having been constructed, are made operational and verified to be in accordance with design assumptions and to have met the performance criteria"--EURODICAUTOM Offshore Pipeline testing (pre-commissioning) and commissioning includes: 'flooding and cleaning, gauging (verification of pipeline bore by pig with gauging plate, with transponder to indicate location), pressure testing, leak testing, dewatering,' "GUIDELINES FOR MARINE OPERATIONS," Oilfield Publications Limited puesta en servicio (México) // alistamiento / commissioning (Colombia, Venezuela, los últimos dos) / puesta en marcha (Argentina, y otros. Es mejor evitar debido a la confusión con el arranque o "start-up". Se encuentra a veces el malsonante anglicismo "comisionamiento"; evítese, primero porque no existe en el español y segundo porque "comisionar" en español significa "Encargar [a alguien] una comisión". De ser que la persona no entiende el español, es preferible utilizar el inglés: commissioning, que el engendro, "comisionamiento".)
comparison and authentication document confronta (auditoría, México)
Complaints Window Módulo de Atención de Inconformidades (México) / ventana para recibir quejas
defendant el Acusado (uso general) / el Defenso (México, a veces) / el Defendido (Cuba) el Encartado (Cuba) / el Sindicado (Colombia, Venezuela)
derrickman (The crew member whose work station is in the derrick while the drill stem is being hoisted from or being lowered into the hold. He attaches the elevators to the drill stem members as they are being lowered into hold and detaches the elevators and racks the drill stem in the finger board after it is unscrewed and set on the floor. Other responsibilities frequently include the conditioning of the drilling fluid and maintenance of the mud and slush pumps.) enganchador / torrero-encuellador / torrero (México) / encuellador (Venezuela) / enganchador
drop (In telecommunication discipline this was originally a line to provide user service to a subscriber. Now with multiplexing this can mean multiple 'lines' coming off of the main line to provide individual telephone connections or extensions) acometida / bajada / ramal de abonado (Línea que conecta el punto terminal de un cable o una línea aérea, con el domicilio de un abonado/ usuario.) Conexión individual (algunas veces llamado nodo) en un circuito multipunto (algunas veces llamada multiacometida).
due diligence (The careful investigation by the underwriters that is necessary to ensure that all material information pertinent to an issue has been disclosed to prospective investors.) proceso de diligencia debida (revisión de todos los aspectos para posibles inversionistas.)
duty drawback procedure (Drawback: An amount paid back from a charge previously made; esp. a certain amount of excise or import duty paid back or remitted when the commodities on which it has been paid are exported; originally, the action of drawing or getting back a sum paid as duty.) / inward processing procedure / inward processing arrangements régimen de perfeccionamiento activo (El reintegro, parcial o total de los derechos y tributos que hubieran sido pagados para la importación de los bienes utilizados en el perfeccionamiento, complementación, ensamblado o acondicionamiento de las mercaderías finales exportadas.)
effective / competent / proper (Note: in Latin America, the tendency is to avoid the hyperbole of English corporate "motivational" hyperspeak. "Outstanding" or "excellent" would not be used on a personnel evaluation in Spanish. Therefore, it would be an error to translate it in English as "adequate" which has the connotation of being lackluster. "adequate: barely sufficient or suitable: Being adequate is not good enough.") adecuado (En una evaluación de desempeño. Supera o excede a los requisitos)
electro-switch hand-reset auxiliary lockout relay relé de bloqueo auxiliar de reposición manual de conmutación eléctrica
engineer's estimate (This is the cost estimate of the bid package performed following issuing of bid. It is used as an internal benchmark for the evaluation of the bidders' technical and commercial proposals. It is used prior to the award of contract.) presupuesto interno (Pemex: Las estimaciones anteriores al presupuesto interno son 'presupuestos' para la asignación de un presupuesto por parte de Pemex para el financiamiento de un proyecto.)
failsafe (overall system guaranteed not to fail notwithstanding failure of individual components or system) a prueba de avería / falla (sistema); de disparo seguro / de doble protección (interruptor); control de doble seguridad (para este uso no es "fallo seguro")
Federal Civil Proceedings Code of Supplemental Enforcement in Administrative Matters Código Federal de Procedimientos Civiles de Aplicación Supletoria en Materia Administrativa (México)
fetch (oceanography: 1. an area of the sea over which a wind of constant direction and speed blows to generate waves. 2. the length of such an area, as measured in the direction of the wind. Also, fetch length.) área de generación de oleaje (Distancia durante la cual actúa el viento sobre el mar para producir olas.) / abra (extensión de extremo a extremo --bahía, golfo) / distancia a la costa más cercana en dirección del viento dominante
flare (A burner, usually installed outdoors in an elevated position, used to dispose of combustible waste gases from chemical or refining processes by igniting them.) desfogue, el sistema de (México) / quemador (México, el punto de inflamación del sistema de desfogue) / sistema de mechurrio (Venezuela) / tea (Colombia) / antorchas (Perú)
flatwork (linens) blancos (México) / lencería (Colombia. "Lencería" en México quiere decir ropa interior de la mujer. En esto caso se trata de sábanas, fundas, etc.)
footprint (of a machine, building) / building footprint area área (que la base ocupa) / área efectiva de planta / área de planta del edificio / área de cimentación efectiva del edificio
free issue (Owner issued equipment or materials. Equipment or materials supplied free of all charges--cost, taxes, transportation, etc.--by company to contractor for installment or use in performance of contract.) artículos de entrega franca (entregados por el propietario)
furring (preparation of a wall, ceiling, or floor with strips of wood or metal to provide a level substratum for plaster, flooring, another surface or to create an air space) enrasar / enrasillado (proceso de nivelación de un tabique, techo, o tejado, mediante tiras de madera o metal) (el encostillado de interiores de paredes)
general counsel (Blacks Law Dictionary: advice and assistance given by one person to another in regard to a legal matter, proposed line of conduct, claim, or contention. Contracted by a person or firm to provide legal advice.) asesor jurídico (no es necesariamente un apoderado quien tiene poder para ejecutar acciones legales a nombre de su representado.)
hub (1. A distribution point in a network. 2. A device that accepts a signal from one point and redistributes it to one or more points.// A common connection point for devices in a network. Hubs are commonly used to connect segments of a LAN. A hub contains multiple ports. When a packet arrives at one port, it is copied to the other ports so that all segments of the LAN can see all packets. A passive hub serves simply as a conduit for the data, enabling it to go from one device (or segment) to another. So-called intelligent hubs include additional features that enables an administrator to monitor the traffic passing through the hub and to configure each port in the hub. Intelligent hubs are also called manageable hubs. A third type of hub, called a switching hub, actually reads the destination address of each packet and then forwards the packet to the correct port. // In data communications, a hub is a place of convergence where data arrives from one or more directions and is forwarded out in one or more other directions. A hub usually includes a switch of some kind. (And a product that is called a "switch" could usually be considered a hub as well.) The distinction seems to be that the hub is the place where data comes together and the switch is what determines how and where data is forwarded from the place where data comes together. Regarded in its switching aspects, a hub can also include a router. 1) In describing network topologies, a hub topology consists of a backbone (main circuit) to which a number of outgoing lines can be attached ("dropped"), each providing one or more connection ports for devices to attach to. For Internet users not connected to a local area network, this is the general topology used by your access provider. Other common network topologies are the bus network and the ring network. (Either of these could possibly feed into a hub network, using a bridge.) 2) As a network product, a hub may include a group of modem cards for dial-in users, a gateway card for connections to a local area network (for example, an Ethernet or a Token Ring), and a connection to a T-1 line (the main line in this example). concentrador de distribución "hub" (use el inglés para evitar confusión) / centro de distribución en la red / repetidor central / concentrador de enlaces / centro de la red // núcleo / centro (Dispositivo de conexión central en una red que une líneas de comunicaciones en una configuración en estrella. Los núcleos pasivos son unidades de conexión que no agregan nada a los datos que pasan a través de ellos. Los núcleos activos, algunas veces también llamados repetidores de multipuertos, regeneran los bits de datos con el fin de mantener una señal fuerte, y los núcleos inteligentes proporcionan funcionalidad incrementada.
intermediary or undisclosed agent (hidden representation by a third party, may be by banned bidders in order to participate in public works bids, tax evasion, or for other fraudulent purposes. A cautionary note should be included by translator that the Spanish also implies the possibility of dissimulation.) / straw man (although that may be used for "testaferro") interpósita persona (Der. Persona que, aparentando obrar por cuenta propia, interviene en un acto jurídico por encargo y en provecho de otro.)
jacket bent (a structural side of a jacket) / platform leg bents / (Also, "deck Leg bents" would be elevation views of the superstructure (i.e. the deck). Elevation views are looks at the vertical plane. Bents are elevation views; they can be jacket rows or deck rows.) marco de la subestructura
joinder of judgements / joinder of writs of execution (Joinder: Combining several causes of action or parties in a single lawsuit.) acumulación de ejecuciones (México: Es la acordada, de oficio o a instancia de parte, en las ejecuciones de sentencias y demás títulos ejecutivos contra un mismo deudor y ante un mismo órgano jurisdiccional. Igual acumulación podrá disponerse en las ejecuciones seguidas contra un mismo deudor y ante Juzgados de lo Social distintos de la misma o de diversa circunscripción. Cuando las acciones ejercitadas tiendan a obtener el pago de una cantidad de dinero y haya indicios de insuficiencia de bienes del deudor, se acordará la acumulación de ejecuciones. El incidente de acumulación no suspenderá la tramitación de las ejecuciones afectadas, salvo las actuaciones relativas al pago a los ejecutantes de las cantidades obtenidas con posterioridad al planteamiento de dicho incidente.)
Judicatura y Preparatorios (internship and bar exam) (judicatura: A one-year internship, after college credits, and preparatorios: final oral exams equivalent to bar exam.) Judicatura y Preparatorios (Colombia)
lag screw [Brit.] / coach screw [U.S.] (a flat-headed screw used to secure lag to cylinders and drums. // a heavy wood screw having a square or hexagonal head driven by a wrench. Also called coach screw, lag bolt.// used to attach lagging. See lagging.) tornillo de fijación (tornillo cilíndrico largo con punta cónica) / tirafondo / pija (México)
last minute change cambio de última hora
layout disposición de planta (Arg., Perú) / arreglo general de equipos (México)
Letter of Endorsement (without any liability or responsibility) Carta de Aval Solidario (Una carta apoyando la solicitud o posición de otra parte mas sin implicar beneficio o responsabilidad. En este caso es en respaldo a una solicitud de devolución de impuestos)
line blocking (with blind flanges or spectacle blinds to isolate for maintenance, etc.) / blinds // skillet / skilleting (U.S. slang) bloqueo de líneas / comalear (Jerga de Pemex para bloquear líneas, bloquear el flujo, sacar de servicio una sección o un dispositivo para reparación o mantenimiento. Es decir, colocar una placa, brida ciega o brida en "8" es la acción de comalear. Viene de la palabra "comal", elemento de cocina para cocinar las tortillas. Las planchas se parecen a un comal.)
lock out/ tag out procedimiento de inhabilitación y señalamiento de prohibición de uso de equipo // rotulado/bloqueo de equipos // tarjeteo y candadeo (informal, México)
make provision for, shall / provide for (To exercise foresight in taking due measures in view of a possible event; to make provision or adequate preparation. Const. for, against. 4. intr. To prepare, make preparation, get ready. Const. with. 5. trans. To supply or furnish for use; to yield, afford. 8. To furnish or supply (a person, etc.) with something. Often in indirect passive. a. Const. with.) contemplará / prever (Acción de disponer lo conveniente para atender a contingencias o necesidades previsibles.) / facilitar / proporcionar (Nota: se debe usar "proporcionar" sólo en el caso de realmente entregar o realizar directamente, sin ambigüedad alguna. En inglés hay una gran diferencia entre "provide"que quiere decir "propocionar" y "provide for" que quiere decir "contemplar" o "prever".)
makeup air (air circulation systems: outside air required to replace the air being exhausted by toilet, kitchen, hazardous exhaust systems, etc.) aire de compensación / aire de reposición
managed health care administración de salud (Méx.); cuidado médico gerencial, asistencia médica gerencial (Arg., España); gerenciamiento de sistemas de salud (Arg.); cuidado [médico] gerencial (Col.) / atención médica dirigida / atención médica gerenciada
mistie (discrepancy between observed gravity or magnetic values on intersecting lines. These may be due, for example, to noise, positioning errors, or magnetic storms and are minimized during processing. Used in seismic reports.) incongruencia de puntos de referencia
neighboring rights (related to author's rights) derechos vecinos (con relación a los derechos de autor)
no blame culture (Attitude of determining cause of error or accident not assigning guilt. Aims to foment cooperation rather than covering up.) una política de "no buscar culpables"
non-direct costs "sobrecosto" (A unique Pemex term comprising: indirect costs, payroll taxes such as SECODAM, SAR, INFONAVIT, IMSS, and profits.) sobrecosto (Uso exclusivo de Pemex para determinar el precio unitario calculado con los costos indirectos. Es integrado por: costos indirectos, financiamiento, utilidad, SECODAM, SAR, INFONAVIT, IMSS)
notice / citations cartel / carteles de citación (Venezuela)
Obtain legal review of pro forma contract terms to ensure proper flowdown Obtener las revisiones jurídicas de los términos de los contratos pro forma para asegurar que los subcontratos o cláusulas derivados del contrato principal reflejan debidamente sus disposiciones (contract flowdown)
open end activities (CPM: activities within a critical path method schedule which conclude without any successor activities following them. Theoretically, the only end date without a successor activity is the project completion date, therefore open ends within a schedule are errors sometimes called open end violations.) actividades concluidas en el programa calendarizado sin actividades sucesoras, "Open Ends" / terminación sin actividad sucesora (Teóricamente la única actividad que termina sin una actividad sucesora en un programa calendarizado de tipo ruta crítica es el fin del proyecto. Por ende las actividades que terminan dentro del programa calendario sin actividades sucesoras se consideran errores.)
overhaul ball (Cranes: The weight on a single part line used to pull the wire rope off the drum with gravitational assistance. // Weight added to a load fall to overcome resistance and permit unspooling at the rope drum when no live load is being supported.) / headache ball (weight placed directly above hook block, usually placed on the auxiliary line.) / ( See "cheek weights" for a similar function.) bola de arrastre del cable (Un peso en forma de bola arriba del gancho utilizada para bajar el cable y reducir el balanceo del cable.)
parliamentary delegation / caucus fracción parlamentaria (México) / bancada (Argent., Par., Perú y Urug. Conjunto de los legisladores de un mismo partido. "Las palabras del orador fueron acogidas con entusiastas aplausos de la bancada oficialista.")
pig / scraper (A cylindrical device (3-7 feet long) inserted in a pipeline for the purpose of sweeping the line clean of water, rust, or other foreign matter. When inserted in the line at a "trap," the pressure of the oil stream behind it pushes the pig along the line. Pigs or scrapers are made with tough, pliable discs that fit the internal diameter of the pipe, thus forming a tight seal as they move along cleaning the pipe walls.) raspador de tubería (de uso más universal) / raspatubos // diablo (México) / marrano (Colombia) / conejo (Venezuela) // escudo de limpieza / taco de limpieza / tacos raspatubos (los últimos tres términos no son comunes)
pothead (electrical termination: A pothead termination is a flared, pot-shaped, insulated fitting used to connect underground cables to overhead lines.) cabeza de cable (Aislador que sirve para efectuar un empalme hermético entre un cable soterrado y una línea aérea.) / terminador de cable / terminal para tres o más conductores / mufa / mufa de acometida (México)
pre-trial discovery acción ad exhibendum anterior a la audiencia (presentación de pruebas e inspección de documentos en forma extrajudicial previa a la etapa de prueba)
registration decal (Mexico: decal placed in rear and side windows of a vehicle. It bears the same registration number as the license plate.) tarjetón (México: El tarjetón es la tarjeta de computadora que proporciona el Registro Federal de Automóviles en México para cada vehículo.)
Regulatory Body of the National Customs and Revenue Joint Administration (SENIAT) Nivel Normativo del Servicio Nacional Integrado de Administración Aduanera y Tributaria (SENIAT; Venezuela)
response plan / recovery plan / emergency plan / urgent ? / emergency response plan (depending on the gravity of the circumstances.) plan emergente (Ecuador, México, Nicaragua, etc. Es decir, un plan que por lo general responde a las consecuencias de un desastre o emergencia. p. ej. "Se encuentra también en ejecución el Plan Emergente para enfrentar las consecuencias de El Niño".)
shaft (A long cylindrical rotating rod upon which are fixed the parts for the transmission of motive power in a machine; also, a separable portion of a line of shafting.) eje (Pieza mecánica que transmite el movimiento de rotación en una máquina.) / flecha (México) Nota: el "eje" en México se refiere al "centerline" que es el lugar geométrico de los puntos equidistantes de dos rectas.)
shielding effects (reference to wave impact on platform legs) efecto de pantalla (cálculo de carga de oleaje en patas y conductores, etc. de una plataforma marina)
soft foot (foundations/bases, for shaft alignment: condition in which one of the feet does not sit flat on the base. The foot or the base may have been warped. When you tighten the bolt on the foot, the machinery will distort. // soft foot (machine case to baseplate interface problems that distort machine casings and shift the position of rotating machinery shafts when torquing down the foot bolts) desalineación de la base (de una máquina) / desnivelación de las patas / desalineación de la zapata
staging area (Used attrib. to designate a stopping-place or assembly-point at a place intermediate between a base and a destination, as staging-area, -point, -post. orig. and chiefly Mil. / Similar to a marshalling yard, may be a forward site, closer to actual work site.) área de concentración de medios / área para la movilización de materiales (antes del transporte)
stop (against which the door closes) / sill (The main horizontal member forming the bottom of the frame of a window or door. ) / jamb (The main vertical members forming the sides of a window or door frame.) batiente (m. Parte del cerco de las hojas de puertas, ventanas y otras cosas semejantes, en que se detienen y baten cuando se cierran.) / batiente de una ventana
throughput (The speed with which a computer processes data. It is a combination of internal processing speed, peripheral speeds (I/O) and the efficiency of the operating system and other system software all working together.) capacidad de tratamiento útil / caudal de procesamiento y transmisión
tie-back mode (cranes: when the boom is raised into the vertical-most position for load testing. This places the greatest amount of structural stress on the crane for testing purposes and rating.) // "Tie-back" mode is utilized because the load to be lifted is either close to or at the maximum lift capacity of the crane. In this situation, the weight of the deck is almost 3,000 short tons. Although this is below the maximum rated lift capacity of the Derrick Barge (3,500 short tons), safety concerns dictate that due to the importance of the structure to be installed (lifted), the derrick goes into the "tie-back" mode.) poner la grúa con la pluma colocada en la posición más alta
time division multiple access (TDMA-- 1. A high-speed burst mode of operation that can be used to interconnect LANs; first using multiplexing technique on shared communication. 2. A satellite and cellular phone technology that interleaves multiple digital signals onto a single high-speed channel. For cellular, TDMA triples the capacity of the original analog method (FDMA). It divides each channel into three subchannels providing service to three users instead of one.) acceso múltiple por reparto de tiempo (TDMA)
toll manufacturing (manufacturing under a specific contract. Often chemical manufacturers who market a chemical as being used in the pharmaceutical industry or manufacture a chemical under a specific contract.) fabricación en maquila por contrato (toll manufacturing) // fabricación bajo contrato para terceros.
tree nut groves frutales de fruto seco
will call (hold for pick-up: in an address) ocurre (Méx.; DRAE: ocurre-- 5. Acudir, concurrir. acudir 1. intr. Ir uno al sitio adonde le conviene o es llamado.)
winch malacate / winche (Méx.: en el lenguaje hablado pero no escrito) / güinche / guinche (Argentina) / huinche (Colombia)
data entry personnel capturista (México)
Y2K problema informático del año 2000 (Banco Mundial) / El problema del cambio de milenio "Año 2000" (Pemex) // El problema del año 2000 (Argentina, Colombia, México) / La crisis del año 2000 (Colombia-- Decreto No. 2301 de septiembre 17 de 1997, por medio del cual se crea el Consejo Asesor "Sistemas Año 2000") // riesgos relacionados con el efecto informático del año 2000 (Costa Rica)
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